Kirstin Shontere 

Kimberly & Michael’s Dreamy Selby Gardens Wedding/Sarasota, FL

Event coordinator/ NK productions & Wedding planners

getting ready/ Art Ovation Hotel

Hair & Make up Eyes On You

Florals by Victoria Blooms

Venue/ Selby gardens

music by Matt Winter Band

Thank you especially to my brilliant second shooter Sue Lytle!

This exquisite wedding was scheduled for March of 2020. Yep, just as the word “shut down” came into common use for us all.

My heart sank when this beautiful bride, Kimberly, messaged that the wedding would be postponed. Being “sure” things would reopen soon, the celebration was rescheduled for June. As the COVID-19 quarantine rolled on and the virus continued to cause uncertainty in so many things, the wedding was postponed yet again.

Undaunted in their desire for life together to begin sooner rather than later, Kimberly and Michael wisely decided to “make it happen” and held an intimate family marriage ceremony. Then finally, on November 6th of 2020 Dreams came true as Kimberly wore her exquisite wedding dress, ascended the aisle, danced with her groom, and celebrated with family and friends.

There were sadly some of their key family members missing, yet all in all it was a most perfect celebration of love and light. The spectacular sunset danced through the trees as the guests danced with each other. The only thing brighter than the beautiful flowers throughout the Selby gardens were the smiles of this stunning wedding party.  

Finally, one of the true joys of my career is getting to capture the wedding of a former Young Life student. A blessing of working with Young Life in the same community for so many years is getting to watch teenagers grow and experience who they become in their adult lives. Kimberly is one of them. She was involved with Young Life at Bayshore High School and even went to the YL Sharp Top Cove Camp with us all those years ago, along with one of her beautiful bridesmaids!

It was such a pleasant surprise when I saw her beautiful face, I recognized her right away! My heart was so happy to see her and to know that her special day was in good hands.

My words can not express the true beauty of this day so without further ado…

December 7, 2020

  1. Sue Lytle says:

    Beautiful Kirstin.

  2. Siri says:

    Awesome pictures! You both make a gorgeous couple! Wishing you both a lifetime of togetherness!

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Kirstin Shontere